Ministerial and Program Staff

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The Reverend Dr. Stephen R. Montgomery 
901-726-4681 ext. 221

The Reverend Anne H.K. Apple 
Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care and Evangelism
901-726-4681 ext. 218   

The Reverend Margaret Burnett 
Associate Pastor/Executive Director of CAFE

The Reverend Rebekah Abel Lamar
Associate Pastor for Christian Formation
901-726-4681 ext. 246

Elizabeth H. Doolin
Director of Young Adult Ministry
901-726-4681 ext. 243 

Corinne Nienhuis
Parish Assistant

Frank Kelly
Director of Youth Ministry
901-726-4681 ext. 213 

Caitlin C. Bomar (currently on family leave)
Director of Children's Ministry
901-726-4681 ext. 233

Marjorie Reynolds
Marjory is serving as Interim Children's Ministry Coordinator while Caitlin is on family leave.
901-726-4681 ext. 233

Ms. Elizabeth Dick
Elizabeth Dick is service as Interim Outreach Coordinator while Sara is on family leave.
901-726-4681 ext. 242

The Reverend Sara Dorrien-Christians (currently on family leave)
Outreach Coordinator
901-726-4681 ext. 242

The Reverend Dr. Stephen R. Haynes
Theologian in Residence

The Reverend Dr. Henry B. Strock, Jr.
Minister Emeritus  


Recreation Ministry

Jacob Pierce
Director of Re-Creation and Creative Play Ministry
901-725-4165 ext. 225

Shari Gross
Coordinator of Nurture Unit 
901-726-4681 ext. 224


Music Ministry

Barry Oliver
Director of Music Ministry
901-726-4681 ext. 212 

David Caudill

David Schnell
Music Assistant

Ginger Hopkins
Children’s Choir Director



Administrative and Support Staff

Doris Hurdle
Director of Operations
901-726-4681 ext. 223

Jenni Brooks
Office Manager
901-726-4681 ext. 211

Mimi McDugle
Assistant Office Manager
901-726-4681 ext. 210 

Paula Gibson
Assistant Office Manager
901-726-4681 ext. 210

Carol Good (currently on leave)
Administrative Assistant to the Pastor
901-726-4681 ext. 222 

Brenda Harris
Administrative Assistant for Education and Outreach Ministries
901-726-4681 ext. 235 

Brigid Underwood
Finance Administrator 
901-726-4681 ext. 232 

Tonya Spears-Moses
Finance/Human Resources Assistant
901-726-4681 ext. 229 

Ginny Moore
System Administrator
901-726-4681 ext. 226

Kris Acklen
Sound Technician 

Verna Yarbrough
Custodial Director

Faye Smith-Redditt
Director of Food Service
901-726-4681 ext. 227

Carl Norvell
Food Service Assistant/Custodian
901-716-4681 ext. 227 

Keith Carter
Maintenance  Supervisor
901-726-4681 ext. 240 

Jesse Yarbrough
Maintenance Technician
901-726-4681 ext. 240 

Bertha "Mae Mae" Simmons
Food Services Assistant
901-726-4681 ext. 227 

Danny Thomas 
Food Services Assistant
901-726-4681 ext. 227 



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